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8th Global Entrepreneurship & Business Management Summit, will be organized around the theme “Innovation and Latest Trends of Business Opportunities”

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Half of the people who meant to be academic Entrepreneurs are Scientist, Graduates, and Students of the Universities etc. They tend to start a business based on their studies, research works etc. They tend to convert the results of their studies to money. These academic entrepreneurs are funded by the universities, to do this kind of innovative stuff. After the successful completion of the business projects, the universities will be the partners of the particular business also. This academic Entrepreneurship is a boon to the academicians who want to pursue their dream of being an entrepreneur. Even though it looks like a foot in two worlds but the ultimate result of being an Academic entrepreneur will be great.

Start-up is defined as a newly emerged business to satisfy the market needs. The percentage of risk for this is very high. It mainly revolves around the creative ideas, thoughts, discovering new products, new services etc. Then committing the right team to improve the idea to work is the key step of a start-up. The successful journey of the team on the main idea and working collectively also plays a key role in the success of the start-up. Then comes the main thing called financial support. In the US alone a large number of campus entrepreneurship programmes are offered in universities, based on this about 27 million people are running their own business in the US topping the Global Entrepreneurship Index. Now a day's financial support for a start-up had become very easy by the esteemed support of the banks, financial institutions etc. Then the correct market timing to release the product also plays a vital role in the success of the new company. Validating the results to attract additional resources via investments, Revenue shares etc. increases the scope of the company. 

Behaving like being an Entrepreneur itself is the biggest behavior of a successful Entrepreneur. These entrepreneurial behaviors differentiate common people from them. Starting with the zeal of becoming an entrepreneur, Awareness of the situations they are facing, Creativity, risk management, Timing, at most focusing skills, Future visions, Building the networks, what not every little behavior leads the way to success. Upon all these self-belief and motivation keep the person and the committed team alive. Listing out the behaviors of the successful people might be a ridiculous thing; it will be like trying to fit an elephant into a small box. So we cannot list out the Entrepreneurial behaviors but can give a brief idea of them. As all the routes do not lead to the destinations all the listed behaviors do not lead to success there may be many things out of the line. 

According to a research it is stated 1/3 of all the entrepreneurs in the world are women. It might be just a small number but the outcome is different. Women entrepreneurs are tending to generate high economic growth rate. They often face gender-based barriers like marital status, cultural practices, inherent laws etc. Still, they stand up for what they want to be. This also strengthens Women empowerment and well-being of the society. The main drawback of the women entrepreneurs is an Entrepreneurial mindset; most of the women prefer to have salaried jobs, steady working hours and paid leaves. But most of them attest that is not true because of flexible working hours, salaries and more comfortable in the field of Entrepreneurship but the time they take for the benefits if more. Another drawback is the lack of practical experience, as the no of entrepreneurs is less in women it will be difficult for them to look up and take the one as an example. In spite of all these, so many associations and industries are encouraging women to pursue their dreams of having their own business. Hope this will be continued in the future also.

Most of the people have dreamed of starting their own business, but many people see only the cons of starting a business. But if they see clearly it will be an ocean of opportunities to pursue it. In spite of the success, we dream, hurdles always greet us first; many people rebuff the opportunity there. But overtaking the hurdles leads to success. This growth of entrepreneurship leads to the economic growth of the country. Expandability, New thinking, Digitalisation also plays the main role in the growth of the company. Competitiveness increases the firm of performing together. Building up of competitiveness increases the chances of growth in a company. Better Infrastructure, Legal systems, Markets will encourage more people to start a business. With the increasing number of businesses, the competitiveness between them also becomes high. Health Competitiveness leads to the growth of oneself and growth of the country. Social challenges, Sustainability, Active and health Aging, Innovation also helps in the growth of the entrepreneurship. 

Did we ever think from where these innovative ideas come from...? They come from nothing or from severe brainstorming. Some industries grow very fastly while some will lack behind. But among all of these only some industries are considered innovative. Every field like Automotive, Technology, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology are innovative in their own way, trying to invent new technologies in their fields. The highest innovative percentage is seen in the Information technology that is of 30%. Next the telecommunications and automotive occupy the second position of 13%. Apart from these, the greatest innovation was seen in food, Beverage and tobacco industries. Innovative thinking increases the emerging of the new companies and them directly increasing the job Opportunities for the people, increasing creativity, and improving the quality of life of people everywhere. Innovative industries are doing a better job meeting people's needs and pushing the boundaries of innovation than more established competitors in other parts of the world.

Some of the lists of innovative industries are:

  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Research AND Development
  • Financial Technology
  • New Product Development
  • Sustainability
  • Intellectual Property

Whatever idea you have whether it is selling coffee, computers, and conferences etc.  It pays to know and understand your market target. The time gap between sharing your idea of starting a business should be spent over studying the concepts of the business and marketing. Big businesses do this in spite of its high cost. They have teams dedicated to interviewing the customers, surveying about the possibilities, analyzing buying partners etc. This analysis and studies should be done in every stage of the business. But the major part should be completed in the seedling stage. Study of market research helps us to analyze whether our idea is innovative? the area to start the businesses, time when to apply for the funding, when moving into new markets etc. Second thing thinking of how your idea will be helpful to the customers. The major study should be done on the type of customers who get attracted to the idea. Basically, there are 3 types of customers. They are purchasers (Those who take the decisions), Influencers (Those influences the purchases), End-users (Who usually interacts with you and use the product). This study directs the growth of your business. Later you need to concentrate on the competitors in the field. This study gives a clear idea of how you would tailor your growth when competing with each group. The last point to be noted is the Collaborators who support your idea but aren’t paid or rewarded for that. So making these studies will be helpful for the growth of your idea into a business


Trading is central to the investment process. This course will present foundational concepts and current developments relating to trading in financial markets including algorithmic and high frequency strategies, optimal order execution, execution quality analysis, the dynamics of limit order markets, the regulatory and institutional landscape, programming and IT infra-structure, and the economics of market microstructure. The course will specifically consider trading in fixed income and futures markets as well as in equity markets

The reality is that globalism has been a standard fashion for decades already. But, sometimes, we mistake it to be simply an choice for larger groups. Some additionally have notions that globalism is only a preference for groups after years or some months of beginning out. However, many marketers began out their organizations with globalism already embedded of their DNA. In fact, 29% of start-up personnel are overseas on average. For the ones in Silicon Valley, it’s a big element at 45%. With far flung paintings always developing specially as round 65% of personnel might need to paintings remotely full-time post-pandemic, increasing globally will become greater feasible even for SMEs.This take a look at will take an intensive view on how Western economies have fared with inside the age of globalization. It will marshal a superb quantity of monetary evidence, and integrate monetary studies with examples from the actual global that helps the age-vintage consensus approximately unfastened alternate. Its primary end is that the short boom in international alternate within side the 3 many years earlier than the economic disaster appreciably advanced Western economies and the dwelling requirements in their citizens. Globalization turned into a superb pressure of spreading new technology and presenting new monetary possibility to labor in each advanced and growing economies.

The educational institutions plays crucial feature in development of entrepreneurial talents via several courses, training and development programs. These may be within side the form of short term or long term programs, requiring graduation or no thru manner of approach of an individual. Fostering Entrepreneurship becomes the trending problem be counted within side the approaching years. This is due to the fact that start-ups companies and new companies, coordinating with the universities, are using strain of Economic Growth of the organization. The Universities performs a crucial position in encouraging their college students and nurture them as entrepreneurs. This is because of the suitable entrepreneurial training and supplying them with right schooling and development.

Corporate entrepreneurship enables a commercial enterprise to create new corporations thru product and manner improvements and marketplace tendencies and foster the strategic renewal of current operations. An entrepreneurial technique to approach could be very critical to run the organization. In this Strategic entrepreneurship, the employer initiates the diverse metrics and increase the manner for the cutting-edge and destiny improvement of the organization

As lockdowns began in 2019, numerous people turned to these online purchases originally for safety. According to a recent study by McKinsey, 49 of shoppers presently use a subscriptions service. Still, the added convenience is anticipated to continue stimulating uninterrupted growth. With these businesses, guests infrequently buy or outright enjoy the products or services they use. Still, they get constant operation support, tech help, and other benefits by subscribing to the ongoing oversight of a company. For particulars that they do enjoy, they’re locked into a yearly class that may include exclusive particulars, abatements, etc.

Financial Management in general, an organization gives a product or service, makes a sale to its customer, collects the cash and begins off evolved the procedure over again. Financial control is walking coins in a green way via this procedure. This manner that dealing with the turnover ratios of uncooked substances and completed items inventories, promoting to clients and gathering the receivables on a well-timed foundation and beginning over with the aid of using buying extra uncooked substances. All of this has to be carried out with coins, and it takes astute monetary control to make certain that those budget wafts efficiently. Entrepreneurs have long-time period records of going up; every now and then they'll additionally enjoy sharp declines. Businesses have to plan to have sufficient liquidity.

Learning of entrepreneurship is still an undeveloped domain. Nowadays it is booming in its own way to change the future ways of entrepreneurship learning. Entrepreneurial learning mainly involves attitude, skills, and knowledge to turn the creative ideas into action. Entrepreneurial learning leads to the born of new entrepreneurs, which follows upcoming of the new industries, job creation, and a healthy economy, stimulates innovation and capacities to deal with the Globalisation, it motivates students, it empowers people to create value for the society etc. The academic stage of entrepreneurial learning will be beneficial to the students. Academic stage of learning enables them to explore how entrepreneurial capability and identity is learned in a creative way, it teaches a conceptual framework of entrepreneurial learning, highlights the processes of entrepreneurial learning and identity formation etc.

Start-up communities are the local group of people who support the starting of a new business on their own. These communities allow rapid flow of resources, support the increase in the social capital, learning about the start-up, Job opportunities etc. Some of the communities also add on venture capitalist, mentors, and instructors to the community to guide them further into the future. Developing these kinds of communities stimulate talent and entrepreneurship in an innovative way. They mainly work on:

  • They develop manifold relations between the people of the community
  • They collaborate with the public sector, employers, education institutions to enhance the community level job creation
  • They work towards retaining and attracting innovative and creative talents etc.